Tolwyn TS Server News

In the near future, it’s possible that I will upgrade my TeamSpeak server, requiring all current users to update their clients.

I’m not a fan of upgrading just for the sake of it, so it will be well-coordinated and planned in advance.

In addition, it’s possible that I might make the move to Discord. It’s free, it’s like IRC had a baby with TeamSpeak and Roger Wilco. The ONLY thing that it doesn’t seem to support is the File Library feature of TeamSpeak.

Forum Permissions

Welcome new members to Virtual Fightersquadrons and the Forums. If you registered before and were unable to post in the Forums, please try again and the permissions have been changed (fixed).

Bomb Fuses

Bomb Fuzes

Bomb fuze feature is made in such a way that if the new “Bomb Fuzes”  difficulty option is turned off, bombs behave like in 4.09 (zero arming time). When diff. option is on, the arming UI has extra fuze type selection box and available detonation delay values are limited to the values available for the selected fuze.

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SimHQ Features 4.11

A great, short article on SimHQ highlights the features of the new 4.11 patch for IL-2. Get stoked everyone! This is a great patch! You can also find great games in the site.

The HQ MOD Sims 4 is a graphics option that replaces the uncompressed variants of Sim Textures within the game. With use of this mod, you shall always have some or the other uncompressed variant of Sim textures. With this option on, the game loads all the HQ textures such as 4096X2048. Additionally, when the mod is off, it starts loading the normally-sized textures such as 2048X1024.

As it is with any High-Quality mod present in the Sims 4 game, the non High-Quality items tend to show up in the black colour
In order to use the mod in a proper way, you have to download the High-Quality game files right from the Alf-SI HQ mod & use the compatible version of the HQ mod.
This download also includes the .package file & the .sgr file. You need to make sure that the same files are put in correct places within the game.
The file .package shall go into the mod folder (pathway- documents/electronic arts/sims4)
The file .sgr will go in to the game’s bin folder (pathway- origin games/sims 4/game/bin). Keep in mind that you should back up the original file named graphicsrules
After you have started the game with some HQ textures, it might fail to turn on in a way similar to something you might have thought of. You might have to reapply the graphics options in order to enable the same again.

VFS QMB Challenge 01

This challenge places you at the control of a Lerche with little time to spare. Two incoming B-17s are enroute to destroy your base. Your job is to destroy them both and land in the fastest time possible.

Included in the archive are 3 tracks by Tolwyn, in his best attempts in about 10 tries. See if you can do better.

Place the mission inside the quicks folder. Place the tracks in the records folder. Register at the forum and post your efforts. These challenges are in the same spirit as the Barf-O-Missions.

VFS Challenge 01 (2398 downloads)