User Registrations

Until I can install some sort of spam filter, I had to turn self-registration off on the main site. When I had it on, we received a few spam accounts; something that I really want to avoid. Give me a few days (by the way, is anyone actually reading this?) and I’ll get something in place.

4 thoughts on “User Registrations”

  1. Yeah, we’re reading this, you chowderhead.

    Where are the nekkid dancing girls you were telling us about, huh?

    All the bikini contest stuff in the Gallery has gone bye-bye!

  2. I am here.

    What is this about Nekkid Dancing girls?

    Better not be some sick joke like Sully in the skirt cause I will throw up.

  3. Attention!
    The album or photo that you were attempting to view either does not exist, or requires user privileges that you do not possess. Log in and try again.

    Yeah, maybe they are there but we just can’t see them.

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