AAA Mod Update Released

I’ve updated and deployed a new installation for the current AAA Mod. Due to the fact that this is a “squad specific” installation, you’ll need to register at the new Forums (if you haven’t already done so) and view the Important Files thread in the Squad Forum.

I need to ask that you uninstall the previous “Tolwynized” version of the MOD before installing this version.

4 thoughts on “AAA Mod Update Released”

  1. What needs to be uninstalled from the version you gave us?

    I’ve need running the MOD in a separate folder.

  2. There should have been an uninstaller with my first release. If not, no big deal; just install the new one over the old one.

    Cossack… you’re an Editor. You can go to the dashboard and edit yours and any comment (I think).

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