Il-2 War goes with the MOD

This pack includes my latest effects,new sun effect,new blood 🩸 splash effect,all missions in their own aircraft folders ( missions in folder the Second World War mission pack )new improved radio chatter please delete all mission folders from my past missions all in their own folders plus effects v10 not needed anymore as this pack replaces all of these,so to cut down on any complications please delete them all before installing this pack install with JSGME tool not all the missions in this pack are mine,but I made them a while back I forget which ones are mine, find out more about the best games online.

If any offense is rendered with other mission makers please let me know the offending missions and I will take them out of the pack if you wish me to Any problems or gremlins with this pack let me know and I will fix if I can happy flying in those lovely new clouds ⛅️

Head on over to the Battlefield – Airborne – Tactical (BAT) section of the forums and check it out. It is essentially a huge collection of community content for IL-2 all in one mod pack that gives you everything from WWI biplanes to F-18s and everything in between, including just about every aircraft from the pacific theater. It is a long install process and it takes up a lot of disk space but it is worth every minute/gigabyte. Another alternative is the VP modpack, which is a smaller pack that focuses more on WW2, with more campaigns included. It also includes some cold war jets, though not as many as BAT. I believe both modpacks include graphical enhancements as well.


I was wondering who would be the first online war to make this step.

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