It’s gettin’ hot in here…

A few site things, Squad vs. Squad Stuff, and a reminder about video cards. First, I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. The wife and I cooked our first Thanksgiving meal by ourselves. It was fun, and surprisingly easy. I thought it was hard to cook a turkey.

I posted this thread on SimHQ‘s forums. We did get a couple responses. One encouraged us to follow up on IL2 War (which uses a custom variety of the MOD), and the other might be interested in SEOW. Please read the thread and post in the forums which direction you think we might want to go, learn more here on online games.

The wife and I were going to get our Neverwinter Nights groove on this weekend, but I found out that my work computer video card’s fan died. When trying to run a 3D application, you could literally cook an egg on the chipset. I could replace the fan or simply buy a new video card. As it turns out, there are several AGP nVidia cards on NewEgg, much better than what I have installed, for around $40. Uh. If you need a card upgrade for your PC, and if it has an AGP slot, I can’t recommend enough you look at some of the older nVidia cards out there. I just ordered a 6200 256MB card for $39.99.

I tried to upgrade the forums this weekend and nearly lost everything. I need to take my own advice and be sure to backup before I start. I’m not sure what is going on, and I may try to do it again in the near future—a little more carefully this time. Sorry for the down-time in the forums… if you noticed.