Happy New Year to all Virtual Pilots

Posted March 12, 2016 (edited)

Finnish Virtual Pilots Association’s IL-2 Great Battles server is open in some of them you can deposit money to buy the game or make online bets with the players, in the Casino Reviewer Online you can learn more about betting online.
Server is visible in the MP menu with a name:

“Finnish VirtualPilots – Dynamic War”.

Basic idea (tl;dr version):
1) Shoot / bomb enemy defensive lines, bridges, depots, stations and ships on each sector, shoot down enemy aircraft and destroy tanks.

2) Fly in paratroopers to help in the fight
3) When mission ends, the amount of damage caused, planes/tanks lost and paratroopers dropped on both sides determines the amount of land area the other side gains. If both sides cause similar amount of damage, the battle is a draw. Each sector is resolved individually.
4) Repeat until whole map is conquered. -> Victory! -> Map is reset.

Bodenplatte Raid

Longer version:

The map starts with the Axis and Allied having both about 50% of the land area. On the frontline there are conflict zones. There are two types of conflicts: land and sea. Land conflict zones (or “sectors” as they are called in the mission) have frontline units close to the border. Some distance away there will be front depot, and even further away a rearward depot, and even further a station. These targets (frontline + bridges + front depot + rear depot + station) form a land sector. In sea sector the targets are combat ships near the border, and a convoy of transports escorted by a few combat vessels.

25km from the conflict zones there will be a front airfield. There will be fighters and attack aircraft there. Some 10-20km further, there is a rear airfield. They will have bombers in addition to the fighters and attack aircraft. Airfields aren’t a target in themselves, and have heavy (and invulnerable) AAA defences. Airfields are captured automatically as frontline moves.

Airfield plane supply:
Each airfield has a supply of max 35 planes. When a player spawns an airplane on the runway he draws it from this supply. Conversely, when the player lands an airplane, it is returned to the airfield supply. When the airfield runs out of supply, players won’t be able to spawn airplanes from that airfield, so it is quite important to keep the airfields supplied. You get updates through the chat on airfield supply status every time you spawn a plane or land. Hint: press Enter to check the message after spawning as it can fade from chat before you see it.

Airfields are supplied with fresh planes with off-the-map factory supply. The interval that they are supplied depends on the distance to the map edge (typically west for axis, east for allied). So, as the battle moves further away from the friendly territory, the plane supply will also get more scarce.

Pilots can bring supply to the fields as necessary with supply planes. Supply planes are available at the supply airstarts. Ju52 brings 30, every other plane 10 new planes to the airfield. Damage percentage of the supply plane is deducted from the delivered supply.

JG77 had a busy New Year in 1945.

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