Tracks through time…

Been going through some old CD and DVD data discs looking for Amie’s Neverwinter Nights character backups and discovered some Forgotten Battles tracks from December 2003. In watching one of them, I actually remember the mission. How wild is that?

My best-guess estimate is that I have over 600 NTRK files from FB that still playback just fine in today’s Pacific Fighters 1946. Wow. If you haven’t already checked the Pilot Face thread in the forums, please do so. I’m very enthusiastic to get the squad faces on pilot skins.

Neverwinter Final Patch

Hey, I know we’ve all played NWN in the past and have decided to get the groove on again. Just to let everyone know, the final 1.69 Patch has been released. I always download the critical update build so it updates any version. Also, remember that since a few patches ago, there no longer is any disc checks, which is nice.

Also, I can’t help but to recommend you download the Community Expansion Paks. I have the last in the 1.5x series and the current 2.x series installed as well as the music packs, texture packs, etc. You can find the download pages at the NWVault.

Strange Brew

A few of us goofballs over at A Complete Waste of Space got together and did Strange Brew by Cream. It was fun. I only did some of the mixing, mastering, and vocals. Check it out!


It’s gettin’ hot in here…

A few site things, Squad vs. Squad Stuff, and a reminder about video cards. First, I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. The wife and I cooked our first Thanksgiving meal by ourselves. It was fun, and surprisingly easy. I thought it was hard to cook a turkey.

I posted this thread on SimHQ‘s forums. We did get a couple responses. One encouraged us to follow up on IL2 War (which uses a custom variety of the MOD), and the other Continue reading “It’s gettin’ hot in here…”

Forgotten Skies in November

We had a good mission this last Tuesday with Faustnik, Surly, Tolwyn, Bruno, and Hayzee reporting in for duty. I recorded a bit of the ship run. This is a bit different from my other videos… it was taken mostly from the rear-gunner position. Click the “read more” link to see a video! Continue reading “Forgotten Skies in November”