AAA Mod Update Released

I’ve updated and deployed a new installation for the current AAA Mod. Due to the fact that this is a “squad specific” installation, you’ll need to register at the new Forums (if you haven’t already done so) and view the Important Files thread in the Squad Forum.

I need to ask that you uninstall the previous “Tolwynized” version of the MOD before installing this version.

Toenail to Hairline

Just ensuring that the gallery is working… uh, yeah. That’s what I’m doing. That, and to showoff the new Slimbox Java Script. Good times.

Sorry. I’m taking the binini bitches off the front page.   It makes the site NWS.

User Registrations

Until I can install some sort of spam filter, I had to turn self-registration off on the main site. When I had it on, we received a few spam accounts; something that I really want to avoid. Give me a few days (by the way, is anyone actually reading this?) and I’ll get something in place.