Tolwyn TS Server News

In the near future, it’s possible that I will upgrade my TeamSpeak server, requiring all current users to update their clients.

I’m not a fan of upgrading just for the sake of it, so it will be well-coordinated and planned in advance.

In addition, it’s possible that I might make the move to Discord. It’s free, it’s like IRC had a baby with TeamSpeak and Roger Wilco. The ONLY thing that it doesn’t seem to support is the File Library feature of TeamSpeak.

Forum Permissions

Welcome new members to Virtual Fightersquadrons and the Forums. If you registered before and were unable to post in the Forums, please try again and the permissions have been changed (fixed).

The Abuse I Go Through

As you may have noticed, our TeamSpeak server is currently down. In troubleshooting the problem, I get the following from my right-hand web dude, Oz…


Just a Reminder

Remember that this site isn’t fully integrated with the PHPBB3 Forums or with Gallery2 (it may be coming in the future). You’ll need to register with the site, the forums, and the gallery.

User Registrations

Until I can install some sort of spam filter, I had to turn self-registration off on the main site. When I had it on, we received a few spam accounts; something that I really want to avoid. Give me a few days (by the way, is anyone actually reading this?) and I’ll get something in place.