Happy New Year

Here’s to an exciting new year! IL2 4.10m was recently released with a maintenance release sure to follow fairly soon. Hopefully we’ll see some squad members jump on the SEOW bandwagon and start flying with Faust and Tolwyn again. We’ve been having a good time at Midway carrier hunting.

Flying around Wenatchee

Flying around Wenatchee in a Cessna 152.

Took some time with my instructor yesterday to fly around for a bit. I won the bid on a free flight at a fundraiser for Camp Stix.

[pro-player width=512 height=384]http://files.tolwyn.com/media/wenatchee_20100619.flv[/pro-player]


And So It Begins… Again…

Things are now going well with the squad. We have about 5 members flying again, and with the new patch (4.09m) being released, and a MOD iteration that we’re using (HSFX), all seems well with the world.

The community is treading on a slippery slope with all these MODs, but we’re working on it.

Still Warming Up

It’s going to be a while before the site and squad start showing signs of life. With the new patch, it’s my personal hope that we can start flying again, and maybe with the new AAA MOD some more flexibility will present itself for server compatibility. We’ll see.

At any rate, swing by the forums and say hi. We need more content editors. If you’d like to be one, please contact Tolwyn.