VFS (7./JG77, 92nd FG, etc.) on Extended Hiatus

VFS, home of 7./JG77, 92nd FG, etc. is on an extended hiatus due to no active pilots!

No sense having a forum, site, and gallery for a squad that doesn’t exist! We hope to return in the next incarnations of Combat Flight Simulation. We’ve had a great run of almost 8 years with the IL2 Sturmovik franchise. In addition to Flight Simulation game titles, we’ve dabbled in First Person Shooters, Tank Combat, and Role Playing Games.

Hopefully this is just a lull, but our low numbers have (rightfully so) encouraged the remaining pilots to move on to other active squads (with most of us waiting to join them, I’m sure, and some of us hoping the MOD thing gets sorted out!).

If anyone has any questions, they can contact Tolwyn. The contact form is in this post’s extended section.

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The Timeless old Attraction

Of taking something really cool and giving my take on it as well.

I can’t help myself. It’s kinda cool to get this bad boy going, mute the sound of the YouTube clip, and play this along with it. Yeah, I know. I’m an attention whore.


Still AWOL!

Our training officer, Surlybirch, remains missing.

Last seen….aw heck, I don’t even remember!

Lost fool

If you’ve seen him, call the number on the carton.

We really miss his light-hearted, cheery attitude around here.

Thank you.